£1 film walk: Bermondsey

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AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200 / Canon T70 / Film / food + coffee / photowalk

If you shoot a lot of 35mm film or collect pre-loved cameras, you’re probably familiar with the merits of cheap film; and if you’re based in the UK, you probably know where to find it. If you don’t, well, Flickr fingers will likely point you towards Poundland.

This is Agfa Vista Plus 200, shot on a clunky, AA battery-powered Canon T70; an apt pairing for a fine summer morning in Bermondsey. When it comes to the T70, the livelier the setting, the better – it’s got a loud motor.

These photos were taken on a triple-market photowalk along the railway arches at Spa Terminus, down Druid Street, and through Maltby Street. ‘Scuse the underexposure.

Agfa Vista Plus 200 – Bermondsey tube escalator

Agfa Visa Plus 200 – Blue skies and balconies

Agfa Vista Plus 200 – Cylist on Abbey Street

Agfa Vista Plus 200 – Enid street, shot through a tunnel

Agfa Vista Plus 200 – Salmon from Hansen Lydersen

Agfa Vista Plus 200 – Brick block in Bermondsey

Agfa Vista Plus 200 – London Overground train

Goodies consumed

* Filter coffee from Coleman Coffee Roasters;
* Currywurst and Pommes Frites from Herman ze German;
* One scoop of Raspberry Ripple from Ice Cream Union.

Goodies purchased for home

* Unpasteurized Kalamata olives marinated in ouzo from Oliveology;
* Two punnets of raspberries at South East Fruits.

Poundland film / AgfaVista Plus 200 links

+ Some fantastic photos from Poundland Film and AgfaPhoto Group (Flickr)
+ Various experiments with AgfaPhoto Vista 200 (The Tight Fisted Photographer)

Camera: Canon T70
Film: Afga Vista Plus 200
Lab: Snaps Photo Services in Bournemouth

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