Thai Heng Lee, Part 1

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bangkok / Canon T70 / food + coffee / Kodak Portra 400 / triple d minilab

Thai Heng Lee banner

Thai Heng Lee side smile

Hello from Bangkok. I’ve got the sun shining on my feet, free-range pork bones simmering on the stove, and Thai karaoke blaring through the window – free listening for all of Saphan Khwai! Here’s a snippet:

As for the photos, they’re of Thai Heng Lee (ไท้เฮงหลี), an eatery in the old city that’s run by the family of my friend Yok. I took them a year ago, shortly after Yok moved back to Bangkok from the States. More about Thai Heng Lee another time, but I’m really looking forward to heading down there next week for a photowalk and a bowl of noodles.

Camera: Canon T70
Film: Kodak Portra 400
Lab: Triple D Minilab, Singapore

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