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Little Red Dot

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AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200 / Canon 300X / Canon Elan 7E / CineStill 800T / Film / Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400 / singapore

What is it about this place that saps the spirit? Is it the heat and humidity? The fast pace of life, the efficiency, the commodification of creative content? The pleonastic ‘free gift,’ the sense of entitlement, the offense often taken? The less-than-subtle flavoring indicative of a lack of natural resources? The lack of solitude, anonymity, and space? There’s balm/fuel, of course: Access to an enormous collection of books at the public libary. The occasional stirring film, concert, performance, or exhibit. Plus, that very efficiency will get you […]

Dipabhavan, last year

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Canon 300X / Color / Film / Fujicolor Pro 400H / triple d minilab

Dipabhavan Meditation Center, October 2014 – I shot these at the end of a seven-day retreat on Samui; by the time silence was broken, it was already bright. The abbot was “not talking much” that month, so the daily meditation and Dhamma instruction was led by Tan Dhammavidu, a British monk in residence at Wat Suan Mokkh. It’s easy to take yourself too seriously in such environments, but listening to his talks was like pulling back to a wide […]