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Little Red Dot

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AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200 / Canon 300X / Canon Elan 7E / CineStill 800T / Film / Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400 / singapore

What is it about this place that saps the spirit? Is it the heat and humidity? The fast pace of life, the efficiency, the commodification of creative content? The pleonastic ‘free gift,’ the sense of entitlement, the offense often taken? The less-than-subtle flavoring indicative of a lack of natural resources? The lack of solitude, anonymity, and space? There’s balm/fuel, of course: Access to an enormous collection of books at the public libary. The occasional stirring film, concert, performance, or exhibit. Plus, that very efficiency will get you […]

Serious little faces, shot on expired Fuji Natura 1600

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Canon Elan 7E / Film / Fuji Natura 1600 / kids

Above: Canon Elan 7E + lightly expired Fuji Natura 1600, shot at box speed. Hmm. What happened here? I needed film to shoot indoors at my niece’s birthday party, and Fuji Natura 1600 seemed like the best color option I had on hand. The rolls had expired by two months at most, and had lived alternately in my fridge and freezer since their purchase. But now I’m wondering how many x-ray machines they might have passed through. In retrospect, […]

Serious little faces, Part 1

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Canon Elan 7E / Film / Fujicolor Industrial 400 / kids / portraits

Above: Canon Elan 7E + Fuji Industrial “Gyoumu” 400 Toddlers make interesting subjects. They lack the muscle control to escape swoops from adults but possess the energy and persistence to wriggle out of their clutches. They’re curious explorers on the move, but sometimes they focus so intently on one task or motion – who doesn’t love ripping paper? – and then all of a sudden they space out, get lost in their own worlds. And when they become aware of a […]

Oranges and Persimmons: Yamanobe-no-Michi trail, Part 2

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Canon Elan 7E / Color / fall / Film / Fujicolor Superia Premium 400 / japan / outdoors / travel / triple d minilab

More photos from a walk along the Yamanobe-no-Michi, after the rain. It was still too early in the season for flaming trees, but elsewhere, the orange was a-callin’. The Yamanobe trail is actually an ancient road that runs along the eastern edge of the Nara basin, at the foot of Mt. Miwa. In terms of landscape, it is surprisingly varied, passing through forests and bamboo groves, shrines and old tombs, small villages, rice fields, and fruit orchards. How to choose * Persimmons: […]