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Snow and Coffee

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Black and White / Contax 159mm / creative fuel / Kodak Tri-X 400 / travel

“Oh, climate change is causing the end of the world.” Oh my God. Anyone who talks like that does not understand the grandeur and the power of nature. To imagine that we can make a change in it is so absolutely absurd. Camille Paglia, rockin’ the boat. To spring snow and blizzards I say, let’s have another round of coffee. A good cup of hot black coffee magnifies the splendor of the snow, no? If you’re flaring your […]

Creative Fuel: Carol + Saul Leiter’s Early Color

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Color / creative fuel / Film

Top images: Scans from 2011. London, shot on a borrowed Leica M6 + 28mm f/2.8 + Portra 400 VC Bottom image: NYC, 2013. Shot on a Canon T2i + 50mm f/1.8 Recently ingested * Carol I feared it would be self-indulgent and sentimental, or that the characters would be melodramatic. As it turns out, I stumbled out of the cinema relieved that I’d be spending the rest of the evening alone. Shot on Super 16 and scored by Carter […]