Dry run

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Canon A-1 / Film / friends / Kentmere 100











Photos from a pre-wedding photo test, last spring:

My friends M and N are a couple familiar with the frustrations of the white wedding. Last year, they decided to get married at their favorite wildlife sanctuary on the Cape, and do away with the wedding – or rather, the guests. They did, however, want candid photographs of themselves, ideally taken at intervals.

Enter the so-called intervalometer.

My visit happened to coincide with the purchase of this instrument and the subsequent dry run. In other words, while they figured out how to use the thing, I would get to shoot to my heart’s content.

So we headed to Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary with a picnic basket and tools: they with their digital SLR, tripod, and intervalometer; me with my Canon A1 and (sadly malfunctioning) Contax 159mm. I’d visited the sanctuary with M and N on previous trips. We didn’t spot any fiddler crabs waving in the salt marsh this time, but we got our fair share of wind and sunshine.

Camera and lens: Canon A1 + 50mm f/1.4
Film: Kentmere 100
Lab: Richard Photo Lab

* * *

I haven’t updated this blog for months, I know, but it isn’t because I haven’t been taking photographs. I recently started a blog with my partner called Off the Beaten Bangkok, which will feature photo-stories from our travels and our life in Bangkok, and notes on things/people/places on our radar. You can sign up for our newsletter here.

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